Wild "Daisy" Runnin Crazy of Red Cedar - RETIRED

Yellow Labrador Female

DOB 4/21/2008
AKC # SR49603204
CERF # LR-57504/2010--25 (no inherited eye disease found)
OFA hips # LR-187165G24F-PI (good)
CNM # Centro Nuclear Myopathy #54512 (clear 2/17/2009)
See VetGen.com for information regarding this disease

Our first and only yellow lab. We wanted the pedigree of her parents, expecting a black puppy, we welcomed yellow Daisy instead. Purchased from Blackjack Kennels in Chanute, Kansas, her bloodline is superb.

Daisy is amazing! The best qualities of Hot Tub and Tori show through Daisy in everything she does. She has so much excitement and passion for hunting.

Daisy has so much enthusiasm and determination; she caught her first nicked pheasant in flight at 8 months old.

We expect a lot of pheasants and quail and ducks and geese to beware of Daisy!

Update on Daisy

After a year and a half of owning Daisy, the truth of her yellow color comes out. AKC contacted us, requesting a DNA parentage test for her whole litter. The results confirmed that Black Jack Kennels' Hot Tub was not her sire, that Greiner's Speed Ratchet is.

However, Daisy is still amazing and Greiner's Speed Ratchet must be as amazing as his profound sire FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed. She has the ultimate desire for bumpers or birds and absolutely loves the water. How could we give her back for a refund? How ridiculous as she's been loved, trained and pampered by us. Daisy is a remarkable lab, full of beauty and athletic ability.

We are truly blessed to be a part of Daisy's life.