Red Cedar Acres' Agreements and Guarantees on Stud Dogs and Pups

Red Cedar Acres’ believes in excellence in breeding and offers a guarantee on each pup. Our mission is to provide high quality Labrador retriever puppies with strong instincts, mild temperaments, field trial/hunt test bloodlines and loving companions.

Please be responsible breeders

OFA hip certifications, OFA CERF eye certifications, EIC, and CNM testing are required to help prevent hereditary labrador diseases and problems. If you plan to breed, research and be responsible.

Stud Fee and Services

The following are our contracts and policies on our stud dogs and pups.

Breeding Fee 
$1,000.00 (non-refundable) for natural breeding, for two "lock-ups" one day apart from another. Progesterone testing and cycle is the responsibility of the bitch's owner. A usual count of 10-12 days after the first signs of blood and swelling of the backside are good indicators if she will allow the stud to mount. Our males have proven stud services, mounting our females and those of clients, producing handsome litters with good puppy counts.

Frozen Semen
This service is available through Symbioun Inc., Kent Law DVM in Abilene, Kansas. All expenses of shipping paid by bitch owner. Frozen semen of $2,000 available on limited studs. Payment is due before semen is shipped.

Copies of Bitch’s pedigree, AKC/UKC Registration, current CERF, OFA good or excellent and negative brucellosis test within the past 14 days of shipping female.

Kennel Fee
5 free days for stud service, afterwards kennel charge $20.00 per day (includes food).

Veterinarian Visit
$50.00 trip charge, all bills at owners expense, including health certificate.

To/from Kansas City International Airport $75.00.

Decoy x Tuffy and crewHip & Eye Guarantee

Pups from Red Cedar Acres come with a hip and eye guarantee for 26 months, providing the purchaser complies with the agreement set forth.

This covers any genetic problems which prevent their dog from being certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).

OFA will only certify dogs that are 24 months or older. CERF requires the dog to be 12 months or older. PDF Complete agreement available here.


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