Blackjack "Jorja" Maxx of Red Cedar

Black Labrador Female

DOB 4/27/2007
AKC # SR41836508
CERF # LR-53265/2008-20 (clear)
OFA hips #

Preliminary Report Application #1350127 (good)
Age at evaluation: 19 Months

#LR-181394E24F-VPI (excellent)
Age at evaluation: 24 months

CNM # Centro Nuclear Myopathy #53583 (clear 12/22/2008)
See for information regarding this disease

Genetic Test for Canine Exercise Induced Collapse Accession #D08-063882 (clear 12/09/2008)
See for information regarding this disease

To improve our chocolate breeding we purchased Jorja to encourage chocolate factored black labs. She is a loving, obedient, highly driven bird hunting dog. She does not know what stop means when it comes to fetching and hunting. Jorja is full of talent and high energy.

Jorja spent 3 months of summer 2008 with her trainer, Doug Greiner in LaCygne, Kansas.  He was able to fine tune her obedience and calm her down a notch.  When the whistle blows, she’s at your side!

First Litter

Confirmed ultra sound results for Jorja's first litter. Surgically implanted with semen from CPR FC Barton Creek's Classic Glass "Zeiss" at Symbioun Inc, by Dr. Kent Law, Jorja is due to whelp on Oct. 15, 2009. An awesome combination of high energy, obedience, and intelligence will prevail in this litter.

Jorga, chocolate factored black lab