"Kokie" Cola Hunter

Chocolate Labrador Female

DOB 5/2/2004 (d. 11/29/2018)
AKC # SR17636604
CERF # LR-48898/2007-37 (clear)
DNA # 1270157
OFA hips # LR-168342G36F (good)
OFA elbows # LR-EL35776F36-NOPI (normal)
CNM # Centro Nuclear Myopathy #54513 (clear 2/17/2009)
See VetGen.com for information regarding this disease

Great-Granddaughter of GMPR Sir Hershey of Surrey. Kokie was our first pointing Labrador retriever we bought for our family as a companion as well as an upland bird hunter. She is remarkable in the field as well as in our home. Very obedient, intelligent, and bird driven. She inspired us to bred, to share our love for labs and to share their intelligence and disposition with others.

We started our first chocolate litter with MPR, APR, HR CPR Shadow Mountain’s Muddy Ripple. She whelped 7 pups on 12/5/2007. All those who received a pup have had much success.

Kokie’s second litter with FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues whelped Sept. 1, 2008. This artificial insemination breeding was unexpected, but greatly welcomed.

Kokie's third litter, surgically implanted with semen of APLA Certified GMPR HRCH Cuivre River's Playin' for Keeps SH (Gauge) produced 5 beautiful black pups and 1 beautiful chocolate. These pups are excellent pointers at such a young age, very mild and easy to train.

Kokie is retired. She is enjoying her hot, summer days in the A/C and cold winter days in front of the fireplace. In 2017, at age 13, she has her spurts of puppiness—still getting around—just a bit slower. She has given us a lifetime of joy.